Caption This


Speaking of joy, there is a meme making the rounds showing an aproned woman freshly axe-murdered, with her bloody dead daughter on the floor beyond.

It’s a horrific scene from “The Shining” and reads, “Caption this with the last text you sent”.

Am I the only person who doesn’t find it funny? It’s disturbing and offensive.

I’m trying to understand the seeming need to spread violent thoughts and images, especially at a time when sharing kindness and encouragement is what’s needed to lift spirits, rather than dissolve them. Why choose to consume more trauma?

Love is what matters and all that (it is).

We all have to deal with our individual share of surprise pain and suffering in this lifetime, what makes people seek out more?

We all understand that yoga and mindful meditation ensure a more peaceful existence and that too much stress IS the worst thing for us.

Joy is where it’s at.

So how did a growing audience for post-apocalyptic and extreme violence entertainment come to be?

Do people share murder scenes and other upsetting imagery to have cortisol rushes? I don’t get it.

I’d scrub this image from the web if I could, to help clean up the garbage. People often click ‘Like” or “Share” without even reading the link, I know. But if I were one of the Facebook Cleaners, that button would have been “Delete”.

Fellow humans, warm hearts, help me out here. Am I being oversensitive about a meme?

I’m wondering if anybody else had an instant physical and emotional reaction to seeing it as anything but light humour?

I felt gutted.

What is the draw to it? Is there a genre name for it, and can we all please now move toward that genre’s extinction?

Neither can I rouse any curiosity to finish the trailer for the uninspired “Bird Box” horror on Netflix, or watch any of their flood of offensive offerings. Had to turn it quickly off after 11 seconds.

Just no.

The instinct to prevent externally imposed violent thoughts from inhabiting my brain is as great as the one that directs me to eat leafy greens and drink more water.

I am going to go draw sunny winged fairies now, the ones that live in those pink clouds. Unicorns and mermaids welcome.


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