bean & nothingness

in the body of beginning

layered art

the greater the build up
each plateau
made quieter

in stead.


This change is the same
This same is the change

Mind follows body
Stretching new positions
filling and forming
new shape seeking
new thinking
new ways of bean

Though not new at all
bean here all along

Remembering each moment I’ve bean here before

I was new
I was one
I was two
I was now.

One thought on “bean & nothingness

  1. Absolutely LOVE the picture of your mixed beans!

    Can you identify them? I have one bean plant producing seeds that resemble the bean at the bottom left of the smaller photo, except the background color is white. The striping is similar, and maroon in color. I have been saving the seeds as they ripen, not knowing how rare they might be, but would love feedback about where I might find more, or indeed anything about them.

    Of course, I will be stopping back to read more of your blog — your style is evocative of growth, change and eternity while not trending into the cutesy or stuffy.

    We do share another thing in common — being generalists. I tend toward research, genetics and how linguistics advances our knowledge across a wide variety of disciplines.



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