Make The Best Of It

I’ve been misinformed. All this time, I never questioned the idiom, “Make the best of it.”

Perhaps like you, I believed the phrase to mean that one should “try to think and act in a positive way when having to accept an undesirable situation which you do not like but cannot change.” A perky but negative little rah, rah rah…

So despite the word “best” in there, it’s really kind of a downer disguised as upbeat. If you take it straight up…as a direct order or instruction, the whole meaning changes!

I choose to see it now as simply, “Make the best of it“, that is, make the BEST of every single thing, or to pare it right down while movin’ it round:

Make It The Best

or alternatively:

The Best Make It

Your choice. Or stick to the new interpretation of the original:

Make the Best of It

IT being your life, your humanity, your character, your soul, your life’s purpose, your creativity, your music, your art, your heart…all of it. Either way, they are all variations on the obvious if we just see BEST as the only option.

So…you wanna make something of “it”?


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